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Veranstaltungen 2021

08.06.2021 | 17 Uhr

Skill4You: Die Tapferen führen zuerst sich selbst - Priorisieren und Grenzen setzen leicht gemacht

Katja Pischel & Regine Lang
Expertinnen für Personal Branding, Führung & Kulturwandel Übersicht | LinkedIn

Gesamter Monat August

Skill4Fun: Walk & Talk durch den Sommer in der Stadt

Vom Suchen & Finden in der Community
The Marvelous 7 für die Community

30.09.2021 | 17 Uhr

Skill4Tech: Spannende Apps in Microsoft Teams!

Alexander Eggers
Microsoft MVP & MCT, Teams Experte für KMU, Advocate
Alexander Eggers [MVP] | LinkedIn

07.12.2021 | 17 Uhr

Skill4Dreams: All you need is ❤… and our famous christmas session with The WIT NETWORK & friends on “How to make learning a habit”. To kick off the occasion, we invited four inspirational VIP guests:

⭐Mohanna Azarmandi, Chief Learning Officer Microsoft Germany
⭐Sarika Malhotra, CEO C3IT, IAMCP International President
⭐Anna Wörner, Founder leadventure
⭐Stefanie Zumpe, Personnel and Organizational Development, Bayern Innovativ

You will have the chance to exchange your personal learnings in 2021 and together we will wrap up the celebration with some musical fun and a slideshow to close out the year on a high note.